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Forensic Healthcare Classes

4 hours to 80 hours depending on your need. Courses can be designed to meet your special needs....just as all patients are not alike, all needs are not alike. We can teach 1 to 1000 you set the limits not us! Visit our Web Store to see what classes are available. Since this is a new site, classes will be added slowly. Please feel free to request a class.

Military Experience/ Subject Matter Experts

Our company has an incredible respect for the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our men and women in uniform. We are a veteran owned company and we want to continue to serve our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines by offering this important training to their ranks.

Temporary Forensic Examiner Staffing

With a world wide shortage of forensic examiners (SANE's and SAFE's), we can offer relief staffing while your SANE is unavailable. We can provide a SANE or SANE team to cover your facility/ unit/ program for a week end up to 90 days.

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